My Approach

Although I see value in all the different psychological explanatory models, I feel particular drawn to the cognitive and postmodern explanatory models. Cognitive models are giving me a basis that explain current human functioning and provides a framework from which to change these thoughts, and facilitate change in a client, in a practical manner that is based on the client’s problems and needs. Post modern explanatory models (in particular solution focused models) brings to the fore the collaborative approach . The client’s world, needs and story is that which has to be focused on, and this must be experienced together by the client and the therapist. And although I place a strong emphases and cognitions, I am also equally drawn to the positives in a client’s life, including resources opportunities and exceptions. I believe that hope is a central factor of therapy.

Although I do acknowledge that people are influenced by their past, I do not believe that people are bound by their past. I do however believe that although people have limitations (biological, environmental, social) they still have the ability to grow and move within these limitations. I understand most of people’s current actions, behaviors and situations as a result of the way people view and think about different things and aspects of their lives. I also understand people as each having a unique view of the world with their own way of looking at the world and experiencing that which is happening in their world.