Assessment Services

Psychometric Assessments can play an invaluable role in educational, career, personal and various other settings. I provide a wide variety of assessments.
The following services are offered:

Scholastic assessments

Psychometric assessments are able to supply important information in identifying learning difficulties and supporting individuals to overcome barriers to learning. Some of these barriers to learning may be speech difficulties, difficulties with reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, mathematics, concentration difficulties and ADHD (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder), motivation and emotional difficulties.

Assessment is about optimising development and ensuring that the child receives support and assistance in order for them to reach their maximum potential. When doing a scholastic assessment the following areas are assessed:

  •     Cognitive functioning, which includes specific areas directly related to academic performance, such as verbal, numerical, and spatial abilities.
  •     Reading and writing assessments
  •     Behavioural difficulties such as attention difficulties, hyperactivity, peer relations, positional problems and anxiety.
  •     Organisational and planning skills.
  •     Emotional assessments.

Career assessments

What if you're not sure what kind of job or career you want or what you are most suitable for? Not sure what to do with your life? Need some career direction?
Choosing a career is one of the most important choices that any person will make in his or her life.  Therefore having extra help and guidance can be of immense value. Career assessment is a psychological intervention which provides valuable and objective insight into one's functioning and explores the fit between oneself and various career options and development.

Career assessment can give you broad career direction in terms of where your interest and aptitudes lie. If you have decided on a career direction, it can highlight what your strengths and development areas are relative to a job or career field.
Our assessments consist of a variety of tools including:

  •     cognitive assessments
  •     personality assessments
  •     interest questionnaires
  •     study habits questionnaires



Other assessments

Other Assessement services also include emotional assesments for various circumstances, as well as assessments neccesary for adoption cases as requested by various child welfare and social work institutions (excluding psycho legal work).