Therapeutic Services

A wide range of therapeutic services for children as well as for teenagers, adolescents and adults are offered.  Areas of counselling include:

  •     Crisis interventions
  •     Trauma debriefing
  •     Working with bereavement
  •     Working with anxiety and stress
  •     Job-related stress and difficulties, and
  •     Bettering self esteem, among many others...

One of my special areas of interest is working with adolescents and young adults. When teens are going through a rough time, such as family troubles or problems at school, they might feel more supported if they talk to a therapist. They may be feeling sad, angry, or overwhelmed by what's been happening and therapy may be very useful.

Facilitating optimal human functioning and unlocking one's potetial can also be adressed through therapy. Building on an individual's strengths and incorporating these individual strengths are also a focus area for me.

Consulting fees:
Normal medical aid rates will be charged, but special rates can be negotiated in certain cases.